These are some of the treatments for pest control, bed bugs control in dubai.

Beg Bugs treatment in Dubai

Unwanted pesky critters and pests like ants, wasps, roaches etc. can hinder the pleasure and joy that you get on looking at your home. Although you may keep your home as neat and clean as possible, but these pests can also emerge and grow because of certain environmental conditions. Therefore hiring a professional pest control for bed bugs control in dubai is the best solution to get rid of all such filthy little creatures. Besides these professional services, there are many natural remedies that are very effective and can be easily made at home. Check out these few homemade bed bugs sprays in Dubai , to keep your home free from unwanted guests

Neem oil spray

Neem has been highly revered as the most powerful and an all-natural plant for keeping away many kinds of pests from your home and garden as well. In fact the juice of this plant is regarded as one of the most strong and effective natural pesticide worldwide, and is therefore also used in many of the insecticides. You can easily make your own neem oil spray at home and spray it around your home to eliminate the pests. Simply add half ounce of high quality neem oil and half teaspoon of a liquid soap to two glass water and add it to a spray bottle. Make sure to stir the bottle and use it right away.

Garlic and Cayenne Pepper spray

A homemade pepper spray can kill spider and dust mites quite effectively. Make use of 2 cups of chopped hot peppers, one tablespoon of cayenne peppers and 2 or 3 garlic heads, 3 teaspoons of liquid soap (dishwashing liquid) and make a puree of all these ingredients. Then mix this puree in 4 gallons of water taken in a bucket. Let the concoction sit in water for at least 24 hours. Strain the mixture into spray bottle and spray around your home and garden every month to create a bug-proof barrier.

Tobacco Spray

Smoking or chewing tobacco is injurious to human health. It is also true for a variety of critters including pests, caterpillars and aphids. This is why tobacco spray was once very commonly used as a pesticide for killing different pests long ago. You can easily make a tobacco spray at home by mixing one cup of organic tobacco in one gallon of water. Let it sit for around 24 hours. Make sure the mixture gets a light brown color, or else add a little more water if it is darker. Strain and spray it in your garden to kill the unwanted pests.

Vinegar and herbs spray

You may have used vinegar as a cleaning agent in your home. But do you know that when mixed with certain herbs, it turns out to be a great pesticide? Take at least one glass of white or apple cider vinegar and mix a few leaves of mint, lavender, catnip and sage in it. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and fill the empty portion of the bottle with water. Shake it well and let it steep for around 8 to 10 hrs. Strain this solution and use it as an effective bug repellent spray.

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