Bed bugs: way these are treated by pest control companies in Dubai

Feeding on human blood and other warm-blooded hosts, bed bugs are tiny little pests that usually live in the mattresses, sofas, and other such cozy furniture. These tiny critters are commonly black in color and are primarily active in dark. When not feeding, they might hide in places including edges of carpet, lining, pillow cases, and also in the cracks and crevices of the walls.

Some important facts about bugs

  • The carbon dioxide emissions, the body warmth, and the release of chemicals from the body are a few things that attract the bed bugs for feeding.
  • These pests adapt to the human environment very well and live very comfortably intemperate.
  • Irritation, allergies or skin infections are usually caused when these critters bite. Scratching the bitten skin can lead to the breakage of skin.
  • Once infested, these pests are difficult to eradicate. Therefore it is often recommended to hire a professional pest control company in Dubai and get rid of bed bugs completely.

Insecticide or chemical treatment for bed bug extermination

Cosmos Pest Control Services is amongst the best pest control companies in Dubai that make use of chemical insecticides to eliminate the bed bugs thoroughly. According to these professionals, only the chemical treatments conducted thoroughly and correctly by a licensed pest control company are effective enough to get rid of bed bugs.

The professionals make use of three different types of insecticides during the treatment for achieving a successful outcome. These include:

  • A fast acting, contact insecticide, which can be thoroughly used on sofas, beds and another such surface that the humans touch frequently.
  • A residual insecticide which can be used on the insides of furniture as well as any cracks and crevices of the walls and floor.
  • A dust insecticide, for using on electrical outlets, baseboards and other surfaces that often catch dust.

A thorough bed bug treatment by a professional pest control company in Dubai usually involves 2-3 visits, because the initial treatment might not be able to kill all the bugs. Depending upon the size of the room, it may take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete the treatment. the professionals will guide about the safe duration to re-enter the treated area. Along with that, they will also provide a list of instructions to be followed in order to control the bed bug infestation in future.

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