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COSMOS PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C has been conceptualized by Mr. Sunil Raheja who is the acting partner along with the unstinted support and blessings of Mr.ABDULLAH MUFTAH AL KHATRI from the UAE.

Cosmos has a fleet of vehicles including Pickups mounted with Tank and Power sprayers.

All pesticides and allied Products used by COSMOS PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C are approved by the Ministry of Environment and Water and Pest control division of Dubai Municipality.

We use reputed and Modern Pest control sprayers, fogging machines, misting machines and 3.5 -5. H. Power sprayer.

Cosmos is a company thriving to deliver safe and innovative fumigation and pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE for residential and commercial settings. We are driven by adept efforts to offer customized solutions for pest problem, no matter what the intensity of the problem is, no matter where the pest dwelling is. We can treat them all as and when our customers wish.

Our commitment to making your life as easy as possible means that, no matter what your pest issue, we can offer the solution, whether it is ants and cockroaches, flies or mosquitoes, bed bugs, rodents, cats, termites or birds. We have the solution!

In keeping with providing all types of pest management solutions, Cosmos offers a variety of fumigation and pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE to all its clients.

Cosmos provides quarantine and pre-shipment fumigation of export commodities in bulk, liner, chartered vessels and sea-going containers at all ports and Inland Container Depots (ICD’s).

Fumigation Services
It is a process where a fumigant which is a chemical at required temperature and pressure can exist in a gaseous state in sufficient concentration which will be lethal to given pest organism. This definition implies that a fumigant act as gas in the strictest sense of the word. (Munro 1961)

Why Fumigation is necessary?

Transporting goods in ships and aircrafts between countries using containers is an economic and well established practice. Fumigation becomes necessary in order to keep away exotic pests and diseases entering into the country while permitting reasonably rapid clearance of containers. Timber insects pose a significant Quarantine risk in all countries and accordingly all wooden packing material used in the export packing should be fumigated.

As it is said “Prevention is better than cure”, it is necessary to follow good sanitation and scientific storage methods for maintaining the cargo in sound condition prior to export.

Fumigation is carried out mainly with two types of fumigants, methyl bromide & phosphine.

Pest Control Services
The risk profile caused by pests varies according to the activities of a business or organisation, so it is important that your pest control service program is appropriate for your pest risks.

For example, some pests are a much higher risk for certain types of businesses – moths are high risk for companies handling textiles, cockroaches for food service businesses and bedbugs for hotels – make sure that your pest elimination service program covers any specific threats you face.

Similarly, tolerance to pests varies according to the risks they pose to your activities – a mouse in a construction site is a nuisance, while a mouse in a food factory will close the facility and may lead to prosecution – ensure your service program is targeted at your risk level.

In general, it may not be good value to have the highest level of service if you do not need it, but you will be exposed to excessive risk if you do not have sufficient cover in your program.

At Cosmos, we have developed fumigation and pest control services for different types of business to guide the most appropriate levels of protection, but these are always backed up by site surveys to address any specific risks or concerns at the site.

"We specialise in all types of fumigation and pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE as well as Termite control (Pre and Post). Fumigation of ships / containers, treatment for snakes and scorpions, pigeons, snails slugs etc. "


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Why Fumigation is necessary?

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