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When you need fumigation services performed safely and effectively, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC has the experience, equipment and manpower for the task. Over the past several years, our professionals have fumigated everything ranging from antique clocks and furniture to food processing facilities over one million square feet in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

Fumigation is a highly complex procedure that can only be performed by trained and experienced professionals. Whatever your fumigation needs, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC can meet them.

Why Fumigation?

Fumigants are pesticides that are volatile and exert their toxic action as poisonous gases in an enclosed space. Fumigation is a versatile technique that can be applied in a wide range of situations. It should be undertaken only when management is satisfied that a need to carry out pest control exists, that fumigation is the appropriate process, and that the fumigation may be safely and effectively carried out. In U.A.E. fumigation of commodities in the export trade is mandatory for quarantine or contractual reasons.

Fumigation Services from Cosmos are useful where a rapid kill of pests is required and for effective removal of pests from structures into which clean commodities are to be brought.

Over the years fumigation has changed rapidly in Dubai, UAE and Cosmos Pest Control is up to date with all procedures and treatments for the fumigation services it provides.

There are many different types of fumigation available and Cosmos can undertake the following Fumigation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

Container Fumigation

Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity or the container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state. A container normally comes in two sizes – 20′ and 40′ containers (although you can also get 10′, 45′ containers as well as what is called a “High Cube”. Most containers are 8.6′ high where as a high cube is 9.6′ high).

A container can be fumigated in two ways:

Pressure Decay

Pressure decay fumigation involves the pressure testing of the container to value. If the container can maintain that value for a time duration then the container is classified as “Gas Tight” and therefore may be fumigated without tarping

Fumigation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE undertaken by Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC:

  • Food and pharmaceutical plants
  • Grain bins, seed processors and feed manufacturers
  • Flour mills & Warehousing facilities
  • Barge, tractor trailer and railcar containers
  • Museum collections, furniture and antiquities
  • Commodities (tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat, etc…)

Bird Control

Cosmos Makes Bird Control Problems Take Flight Pest birds, droppings, and nesting material cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage every year and can contribute to respiratory ailments, viral infections and food poisoning.

Bird Control Knowledge, Experience and Proven Results Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC has been successfully solving bird problems for many years. We offer a complete range of pigeon control and other bird control services throughout Dubai, UAE. We place the highest priority on the safe and humane treatment of all birds, focusing on non-lethal bird deterrent, removal and harassment techniques.

Our bird control services include: exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination, and flock dispersion.

Don’t risk the bad publicity and environmental irresponsibility that can come from using a less knowledgeable company with inferior bird control methods and solutions.

Trust Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC for dedicated personnel who specialize in bird control and have the experience and education to see that the job is done correctly. Contact us for a free bird control inspection.

Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Treatments

Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC is at the forefront of pest management technology with our bed bug removal treatments. Eliminating bed bugs with chemical treatments is a safe and effective alternative for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. Chemical Treatment has proven to be a highly effective bed bug treatment, getting rid of bed bugs quickly and safely.

In addition to bed bug detection services, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC provides chemical treatments for bed bug control to many types of structures, including:

  • Private Residences
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Dormitories
  • Food Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Truck Trailers

Healthcare Facility IPM Programs

When people’s health is at risk, the last thing you want patients or visitors to see is unwanted pests. Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC is the area’s most qualified pest management firm and can provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Our pest management professionals provide service or consult with many of the area’s largest health care providers. Whether you have a few patients or thousands of patients, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC can design and implement a pest management program that fits your needs. Long-term healthcare facilities and hospitals can rely on Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC to deliver the best pest management program at a very competitive price.

Hospital IPM Programs

Are you concerned with bed bugs, cockroaches or ants? If so, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC has the answers! Hotels and motels are increasingly becoming the center of media attention with the resurgence of bed bugs. Don’t let your reputation go “out-the-window” because of a pest infestation; let the professionals at Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC provide peace of mind. Our professionals carefully inspect each room and treat them with the safest, most effective products available to keep your facility pest-free.

For a free inspection, Contact Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC today!

Termite Control

Termite Control Services You Can Count On in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. Every year, termites cause a lot of property damage. Most people don’t even realize termites are there until damage to their property has already occurred.

Whether termites have already become a problem or you simply want to be sure they don’t, Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC’s five-step Termite Control System delivers the best termite extermination and termite protection available. It Includes :

  • comprehensive inspection
  • termite treatment with the best termite defense product
  • annual inspection
  • Three-month termite elimination inspection

Simply put, this is the most comprehensive termite protection service in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE and assurance of success you can get. We even provide a warranty on all of the structures that qualify for the Cosmos Termite Control Services.

What’s Different About Termite Control Services in Dubai from Cosmos You will notice that we don’t refer to what we do as “termite extermination.”

While many pest control companies might offer to exterminate termites, Cosmos termite control service is about much more than extermination.

Cosmos’s termite management professionals have the knowledge and experience to uncover any threat that termites might pose to you. Then, they will come up with a customized plan for long-term termite protection using our exclusive Termite Control System.

COSMOS PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C has been conceptualized by Mr. Sunil Raheja who is the acting partner along with the unstinted support and blessings of Mr.ABDULLAH MUFTAH AL KHATRI from the UAE.

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