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COSMOS PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C has been conceptualized by Mr. Sunil Raheja who is the acting partner along with the unstinted support and blessings of Mr.ABDULLAH MUFTAH AL KHATRI from the UAE.

He is the owner of the Al Azem Group, which has under its umbrella operates various divisions like Building Materials, Paint and Decor, Building Contracting and an Electro - Mechanical unit.

They have now ventured into the Pest Management and Protection business to cater to any Pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, U.A.E.

Mr. Sunil Raheja a Bsc. Entomologist has over 20 years of hard core experience handling Pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE for various and diverse range of clients in the field of Supermarket chains, Hospitals, Contracting companies. Shipping companies, Food-stuff trading companies, Hotel industry, local VIP clients and various prestigious villas and buildings.

He has also been deputed to solve the specialized Pest-control needs of NATO forces and their suppliers in Afghanistan



Service We Provide

We will provide you with a total pest protection program, beginning with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the interior and exterior of your facility. Since each situation is unique, we analyze all the facts and then consult with you to create a program that best meets your needs.

Commercial Pest Management & Protection

When it comes to choosing pest protection services for your commercial property, you want a pest management company that puts your interests first, is aware of your budgetary goals and understands how to communicate with you to achieve your goal of a pest-free facility at a reasonable price.

Cosmos is one of a select few pest management companies to garner attention for professional pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

Residential Pest Management & Protection

Cosmos provides pest control services to residential homes throughout Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. From the smallest homes to the largest townhouses, Cosmos has provided professional, courteous and effective service since years. It has always been Cosmos belief that resolving pest issues does not require a sledge hammer when a much smaller tool will do. We use the appropriate methods to correct your pest problem.

Our trained and knowledgeable service staff will identify the pest and design a treatment plan to correct your specific problem.

Institutional Pest Management & Protection

Pest management for institutions requires a special understanding of many sensitive issues. Nursing homes and hospitals cannot be treated the same way as a restaurant or warehouse. Pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools are treated differently than colleges and universities. Understanding the sometimes complex rules and regulations mandated by the Municipality takes a knowledgeable administrative team.

Cosmos Pest Control Services LLC has the people and the resources to keep abreast of the regulations and requirements. Pre-notification, posting, approved treatment methods and materials make up but a small part of the intensive requirements needed toproperly and legally treat institutional properties.

Industrial Pest Management & Protection

Industrial pest management is, perhaps, the most complex pest management program of all. So many industrial accounts require a detailed accounting of every step made by their pest management firms in order to past audits by customers, regulatory agencies and corporate internal reviews.

Cosmos is one of the very small number of pest control services companies in Dubai, UAE with the experience and know how to develop a complete pest management program from scratch and put your company in the position of earning the highest of audit scores.

Cosmos presently provides quality pest control services in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE and are qualified and approved by Dubai Municipality.

COSMOS PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C has been conceptualized by Mr. Sunil Raheja who is the acting partner along with the unstinted support and blessings of Mr.ABDULLAH MUFTAH AL KHATRI from the UAE.

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